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Testimonial 7

Dear Kathy,

Both John and I cannot thank you enough for your expert guidance.
You are extremely good at your profession – we were very, very impressed.

Unfortunately, we were unable to put the “Power of Attorney” re Brendan’s health and care into action, because after our talk to you we went immediately to the hospital, but by this time our beautiful son was able to understand what was going on around him – he was “coherent” to a certain degree.
Brendan seemed to be asleep, but when the Doctor spoke to John and myself about where Brendan’s ongoing treatment for his jaw, teeth etc would be happening, Brendan opened his eyes said (very angrily) that he wanted to go back to Port Macquarie. We left devastated and totally helpless/powerless. His pathetic excuse for a wife arrived and took Brendan back to where she lives with her dysfuncational family in Coffs Harbour.

We saw you on the 23rd June and by Sunday 25th June, Brendan had made an amazing recovery – from scaring the life out of us to being allowed to spend some time at home here with us and his siblings. We took extra special care of him and I pureed vegetables etc, made protein drinks and all things that would help him to recover – he couldn’t chew anything as all of his teeth were knocked out in the accident. The Tuesday following his leaving here – four days later, he was not only doing his own cooking, but cleaning the kitchen as well. The callousness of that “other” family devastates us, but we know that Brendan wanted to be able to see his sixteen month old daughter and has chosen to be there with this monster of a wife (who has dollar sings in her eyes). I know by Brendan’s voice over the phone that he is scared of his wife – he panics and quickly says “I have to go, I have to go” if she walks in and finds him talking to me. As you can well imaging, I feel like using a “shotgun” on her but I have been told to take a ticket and “get in the queue” as there are so many other people that she has hurt and would like to see some justice dealt out to her also. Life doesn’t seem fair to good people, does it Kathy?

Once again, our sincere and heartfelt thanks.