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Domestic Violence

Domestic and family violence occurs when someone in an intimate or familial relationship attempts to gain power and control over another through a wide range of abusive behaviours. This can include physical violence, damage to property, non-consensual sexual contact, financial control, emotional manipulation and abuse, or threats to commit any of the above.

We can assist you in obtaining a Protection Order to try and prevent further violence from occurring in the future. The application is made in the Magistrates Court, and a Protection Order will be made if the Magistrate is satisfied that there has been an act (or acts) of domestic violence and if making a Domestic Violence Order (Protection Order) is desirable and necessary. Once the order is made the person who was violent towards you must be of good behaviour and not commit acts of domestic violence. Children can also be included in the order.

We can also assist you in defending a Protection Order if you have been named as the Respondent in the order. This may involve either a trial or negotiating an agreement with the other party.