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Testimonial 6

Dear Kathy,

You are one amazing lady. Can’t thank you enough for sending the document. Please let me know if I owe you anything for this.

Thank you for asking about our son’s recovery. You are very kind. He is at the moment, back at work, but at a different job. He has had many operations to re-build his top jaw, his bottom jaw, and insert titanium rods, onto which teeth were eventually & finally attached. He has lost almost all of his own perfect teeth and is now able to chew certain food providing it is not too “hard”. It took two years before he was able to taste some of his previously favourite foods. He will never be the same as far as eating is concerned and we can’t guess how things will be for him in the years ahead, emotionally as well as physically from all of the trauma. A salivary nerve re-routed itself in the force of the accident and has emerged to near the corner of his eye/ear area, so ever since then, whenever he chews food of any kind, no matter how soft, a line of fluid streams down his face just like a “tear drop” and is a reminder to me of the suffering he as endured at the hands of the callous female that he was unfortunate enough to meet up with.

He has been separated from her on and off since the accident, but he is at present trying to sort out “compensation” that is due to him, and all of us who love him know that she is waiting for money to come through, and you can guess the rest. It seems impossible that one person could wreck a once happy loving family like ours. She has taken our family on the most soul-destroying journey that you would never wish on anyone, and we feel helpless.

However Kathy, there is hardly a day that we don’t thank God for letting our son survive that accident.

Regards and thanks again